Docu-App Insurance

Docu-App Insurance: Improved underwriting, reduced risk

Docu-App Insurance addresses the challenges facing the insurance industry. Insurance agents gain a competitive edge, receiving a quick overview of the underwriting process.

When assessing a prospective client, the app lets you add all important observations and notes into forms directly on the mobile phone. Photos, sound, video, and GPS coordinates can also be added delivering a result that significantly reduces revisits and errors while enabling a much smoother underwriting process.

The everyday life of the insurance agent, the appraiser, and the many sub-contractors become less stressful as the app gives a quick overall view of i.e. property damage. All in one place shared with all relevant stakeholders saving precious time in what can otherwise be a long and bureaucratic documentation process.

Gain the competitive edge with quick documentation and risk assessment

Hear how Docu-App can be easily customized your needs and help to streamline the work of documentation

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