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When all stakeholders need to be on the same page

The ability to efficiently manage your documentation is imperative for success in the construction industry. You have to make sure the highest level of quality is always achieved – and you have to catch all the opportunities for improvement as soon as they arise. Only then can you secure profitability in the long term in a cut throat market.

Docu-App for the construction industry is the app that helps you achieve just that. It’s a simple tool that anyone can use no matter what IT skills they possess. The app ensures quality both in your delivery and internally in your quality assurance process. Docu-App helps you streamline reporting and evaluations of the construction process with a consistent and quick documentation of quality, change orders, placement and distribution of building materials, etc.

Forget all about your notepad and digital camera. You don’t even have to open your computer. The weather shouldn’t be a concern to you either; no wet paper or malfunctioning pens.

The required forms are with you on the go, and you can even add to these by taking photos, record sound and video, write notes or by creating voice messages. A process that enables you to deliver quick, easy and structured documentation avoiding the usual administration and reporting hassle while giving you more bandwidth for creativity.

And don’t worry about forgetting project numbers and the place you located the documentation. Docu-App will find this for you automatically. The report is delivered wherever it’s convenient for you. Crucial knowledge is easily shared with others, and if your documents require immediate action, you can send it with priority delivery.

Docu-App: Gets all stakeholders in the building process on the same page

Hear how Docu-App can be easily customized your needs and help to streamline the work of documentation

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