ATEA goes mobile and optimises investment in CRM

Most companies want a better way of utilising the CRM system. They upload large amounts of data but fail to update frequently and end up with a product that’s not used to its full potential.

ABOUT Mobile’s CRM solution is based on the thoughts that originally propelled the CRM way of optimising the approach to customer relations. Both before, during and after the meetings.

With almost 6,000 employees, the ATEA concern is one of the largest experts within IT infrastructure. As many others in the industry, Atea has seen an increased demand for mobile access to workflows 24/7.

ATEA’s business managers now utilise ABOUT Mobile’s mobile CRM app based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In no time, the managers get an overall view and access to crucial data allowing them more time to focus on clients. The data is always updated enabling the management team to make decisions much faster by always knowing what’s going on.

The app has a very simple and thought out usability design supporting the workflows, which also makes it easier for consultants to use the system – all in all a much better utilization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Mobile CRM: Exact, immediate customer data = Increased motivation and revenue

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